spice and whimsy, books and grace- that’s what this girl is made of!

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you are brave and honorable and kind

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This is everything! LOVE THEM! 

This is awesome!

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A Doctor Who themed restaurant has just opened in New York. - Imgur

Must visit in October!

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"Five years learning to live in a world without her ... what do I do now?"

This us perfection

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Novelist error messages.

reblogging my own error messages because I’m laughing gently at myself for thinking authors outgrow these things ha ha never ha what is writing ha how do you word at people

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I feel like I’m a terrible gushing chap. Jenna has been absolutely incredible. My favourite thing about joining Doctor Who has been working with Jenna. She does everything with such grace and class.” - Peter Capaldi

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This is the problem with making your car one of your horcruxes.

On Friday, I got my first giant migraine in a long time, and as it slowly turned me into a neurological unicorn, the Camaro began to slowly idle slower and slower at traffic lights. As I descended further into madness and migraine pharmaceuticals, Loki sickened further.

Last night we both died at the same time.

I couldn’t believe that after 4,000 miles and countless roadside repairs, L.A. was the thing that finally killed us both. Actually, I can totally believe it.

We had it towed to an autoshop that was closed because it was a time of night that only wizards are awake, and I left a note on the dash. You can’t really read it, but it starts with “Hola, I am a Camaro” and ends somewhere around “exorcism.”

This is why I love Maggie